Monday, March 14, 2011

Remove the System Defragmenter Virus - How To Get Rid Of This Malware

If your computer has started slowing down or you need to maintain it one of the first things you may consider is running the disk defragmenter tool. Unfortunately there is malware that takes advantage of this and presents itself as an advanced system scanner and defragmenter to help you to optimize your computer. This is the system defragmenter virus otherwise called the Trojan:Win32/FakeSysdef.

This malware cleverly plays on a name similar to the windows disk defragmenter but instead called itself the system defragmenter and tricks most people into thinking it is the same, if not a similar product from Microsoft.

The sole purpose of this malware is to get you to buy the full version of it, which does absolutely nothing to improve computer performance and may actually make it worse than before.

How does this malware trick you?

This malware look similar to a genuine disk defragmenter. It usually gets on your computer by tricking you into thinking it is genuine software and once installed it is very hard to remove. It will then run a fake system scan and report numerous hard disk and system errors. The longer this malware stays on your computer the more errors it will generate in an attempt to make you buy it.

You will see errors like:

#1 your hard drive has bad sectors.
#2 your computer has serious registry errors.
#3 your CPU is overheating.
#4 your computer is infected with malware causing disk corruption.

This malware then informs you that all this can be fixed by running the full version of this product. To stop this you need to remove the system defragmenter virus quickly.

How do you get rid of this?

#1 The first step is to stop this malware from running at all. To do this start task manager by right clicking on the task bar, then select task manager.

#2 once task manager opens go to the processes tab and find a process called exe. Exe. Click on it with your mouse and highlight it and then click on end process at the bottom of the task manager box.

#3 Start the registry editor from the start menu. To to do this go to start, then run and type in regedit. Then go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run "exe.exe and delete this exe.exe entry.

#4 Once you have done this search for and delete the following files and program folders.

a) maindll.dll

b) Remove the system defragmenter.lnk file or shortcut from the desktop.

c) Delete the system defragmenter folder from the programs folder.

Once you have done all this restart your computer. If you have done everything correctly you should find that you have removed the system defragmenter virus. If it is still there either you have made a mistake or the virus has regenerated itself using hidden registry and system files. If this is the case you need to use the next option to remove it.

Automatic method to remove this malware

If you have been unable to remove this malware following the steps above the next step is to download and run a system and registry scanner. Ensure you do not download more malware! A genuine system scanner will scan the windows registry and the windows files for any malware and stop it. It will then help you to remove any trace of the system defragmenter virus and get rid of it for good.

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